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SKY 1811

     SKY 1811
SKY 1811

-- The cylinder is made from special calibrated tube.
-- The hydraulic oil, has a very high viscosity which enables operating between -40 / +40 °C.
-- All parts protected by chrom nickel against corrosion.
-- Fine adjusting can be done by hand without using screw driver.
-- Roller made from strong and soft materials with high durability against friction.
-- To avoid any leakage of oil in accordance with inner dimentions of cover and pim dimentions, special gasket designed.
-- Very sensitive and accurate dimentions of all parts guarantee by using high technological CNC machines used in production.
-- Packing in carton box made to be safe against outside effects also easy for storing.
-- Three (3) years guarantee.

SKY 1811
SKY 1811


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